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Greg Kruse                                                                                                               May 21, 2012

5617 South Shore Drive    (1973)

Whitehall, Mi. 49461-9439

Fruitland Township Board    Fruitland Township Trustee

4545 Nestrom Rd.

Whitehall, Mi. 49461

 Dear Sir or Madam:

     In Pursuit of Justice; I Greg Kruse am requesting that the government closest to me re; Fruitland Township Board  investigate my allegations of Fruitland Township At Will Prosecuting Attorney Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 misconduct, citing Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) MCL 41.2  as your authority.

     My allegations are as follows: on November 18, 2003  Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 Taxpayer Compensated Fruitland Township Attorney or Agent did knowingly issue building permit for the address of 5601 South Shore Drive where he has been residing since November 08, 2008, but suddenly removed his personal possessions from this property on April 15, 2012.  While attending my February 11, 2009 @ 3:00 pm second (2) arraigned meeting at the current serving Fruitland Township Supervisors office, first meeting being one week earlier in the board room witnessless, at second meeting I deliberately placed my documented material evidence into the hands of Fruitland Township Chief Executive Offer Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO), in the presence of, Fruitland Township Tax Assessor Sue Bowen and also in attendance was Fruitland Township Zoning, Building Coordinator, Deputy Clerk, Cemetery Coordinator and Secretary of Planning Commission,  Sally Dion. Upon my evidence possession transfer, Sue Bowen was able to produce, for viewing, a draft copy of Sarah McMurrays 1995 Fruitland Township Board stipulated 66 foot easement for Lot 10 Cedar Grove Subdivision fronting on South Shore Drive. Sue Bowen was unable to produce, for viewing,Township Board stipulated Pachman Lot 20 Hesses Subdivision Binding Easement nor is there any evidence of easement ever being Legally recorded thus enabling building permit for 5601 South Shore Drive issuance under authority by State of Michigan Rule of Law. 

     Pachman easement would exist within the realm of public record. Pachman easement document does not necessitate a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request being filed by any entity. Act No. 442 of the Public Acts of 1976, as amended, being sections 15.231 to 15.246 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

     Questions posed to At Will employee Fruitland Township Prosecuting Attorney Robert Dunn Eklund PLC  p30331:

1) Under whos authority did Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 knowingly issue the building permit on November 18, 2003 for the address of 5601 South Shore Drive, Fruitland Township, County of Muskegon, State of Michigan. Ironically the very same $272,000 thousand dollar, Homestead Tax Exempt (PRE) domicile Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 has been co-habitating with wife II aka; Cindy Buckridge/Protsman/Eklund since November 18, 2008 and is for re-sale as of April 16, 2012. Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 daily head on pillow and there after every vacation since November 18, 2008. Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 other Homestead Tax Exempt (PRE) domicile is located at 3080 East Alice Street, Whitehall Township, County of Muskegon, State of Michigan. Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 is also affiliated with Whitehall Township or is their current at will Attorney. 

    More specifically:

2) Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 will furnish or produce for inspection or copying, Binding Robert J. Pachman Sr. easement placed on Lot twenty (20) of Hesses Subdivision fronting Nestrom Road, as stipulated by Fruitland Township Board directive or Rule of Law, so ordered during Fruitland Township Board meeting conducted March 05, 1997 and further so ordered during Fruitland Township Board meeting conducted on March 17, 1997 when Fruitland Township Board specifically ordered I quote deed language be acceptable to Fruitland Township Attorney end quote, re; Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331. Thus Fruitland Township would be in compliance with Michigan Land Division Act 288 of 1967 specific Rule of Law.  

     Fruitland Township Attorney Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 was present at each separately conducted Fruitland Township Board meeting knowingly crafting Robert J. Pachman Sr. easement stipulations. Board meeting dates are as follows:  

1) October 04, 1995  

2) November 20, 1995  

3) March 05, 1997 

4) March 17, 2007 

     Taxpayer Compensated Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 Stands Mute while in attendance at each one of these four (4) meeting(s) addressing Fruitland Township compliance with Michigan Land Division Act 288 of 1967 (Michigan Compiled Law 247.321 to MCL 247.329).

     The most recent referenced binding affirmation of stipulated 66 foot easement was on March 9, 2009 by Mr. Don Sandel, Fruitland Township Zoning Administrators Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO) directed response, addressing my alleged inquiries on Pachman parcels allegedly made at meeting on February 11, 2009 in the presence of two (2) of his subordinates. Fruitland Township Attorney documentation would instantly dismiss my allegations of Fruitland Townships violation of Rule of Law. Michigan Land Division Act 288 of 1967 as cited addressing Proper Accessibility Ingress and Egress to Lots and Parcels. SEE of record road right-of-way (ROW) easement Muskegon County Road Commission (MCRC) Liber 820  Page 232 as recorded April 23, 1965 is direct evidence documenting (MCRC) adherence toRule of Law or Act 288 of the Michigan Public Act of 1967 or the Land Division Act as cited addressing Proper Accessibility Ingress and Egress to Lots and Parcels.  

My second allegation now will include elected Fruitland Township Chief Executive Officer Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO) misconduct by not even addressing my misconduct accusations. Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO) being Fruitland Township Final Authority and has taken Oath of Office swearing to uphold ALL "People of the State of Michigan Compiled Law(s)" not just his rule of law or brand of justice. Taxpayer misconduct violation allegations require Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO) to investigate ALL allegations of this nature.  Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO)'s directed subordinate crafted document or Mr. Sandels Fruitland Township Zoning Administrator Sworn Statement Letter explains exactly how Fruitland Township is Not in compliance with "People of the State of Michigan Compiled Law(s)", directly supporting and validating MY documented misconduct allegations presented Febuary 11, 2009.

Mr. Sandel Fruitland Township Zoning Administrator document states re; 5601 South Shore Drive, I quote Because this was a lot split in a recorded subdivision Township approval was needed (State of Michigan Law). On November 20, 1995 the Fruitland Township Board approved that lot split subject to a 66 foot wide easement over the West part of Lot 10 of said subdivision (Cedar Grove). In March 17, 2007 the Township Board agreed to approve the changing of easement from Lot 10 Cedar Grove Subdivision to Lot 20 of Hesses Subdivision end quote.

 My allegation includes that Fruitland Township is currently in violation of Rule of Law or the Land Division Act 288 of 1967 Sec. 560.101, Sec. 560.102 (j) accessible and (i)(ii).  My allegations were witnessed by several (2) taxpayer compensated Township employees and one (1) compensated Township Zoning Administrator. Yet not one person has attempted to do ANYTHING or conducted any investigation by the government closest to me under the rein of current serving Chief Executive Officer Sam Earl St. Amour (CEO) 2008-2012 to ensure Fruitland Township is NOT Knowingly Violating "People of the State of Michigan Compiled Law(s)" MCL 247.321 to MCL 247.329. What about oath of office? Whos  Rule of Law? What about the Taxpayers rule of law? What about Cronyism? What would CEO DO for a Klondike Bar? Would you Violate Rule Of Law for your BFF?  Would Twelve independent separate competent individuals all come to the same conclusion? You can decide on your own.

Pleading Ignorance or Incompetence is not a permissible valid defense in a court of law, civil or criminal. 






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Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL)  MCL41.2 Inhabitants of organized township as body corporate; powers and duties generally, supervisor as agent. Sec. 2.(2) In addition to other powers that are conferred, the township board may investigate any matter that is under the jurisdiction of the township and the authority vested in the township or an officer under this act. The supervisor or the township board by majority consent of the township board members serving may serve upon a person a subpoena that has been authorized by a court of proper jurisdiction in the county in which the township is situated compelling the person to appear before the board or a committee of the board to be examined under oath or to produce a document or object for inspection or copying. If a person objects to or otherwise fails to comply with the subpoena served upon him or her, the supervisor or the township board by majority consent of the township board members may file in that court an action to enforce the notice. The court may issue an order requiring the person to appear to be examined or to produce a document or object for inspection or copying. Failure to obey the order of the court is punishable by the court as a contempt.     

The supervisor, clerk, treasurer and trustee must take the oath of office before entering into the duties of their offices. (MCL 168.363) The deputy supervisor (MCL 41.61(2)), deputy clerk (MCL 41.69) and deputy treasurer (MCL 41.77) must take the oath after their appointment and before entering into office.

 41.187 Employment, duties, and compensation of attorney.Sec. 7. The township board of a township may employ an attorney to represent the township in civil matters and in the prosecution of violations of township ordinances. The attorney shall receive the compensation determined by the township board. In prosecution of a violation of a township ordinance, the township attorney shall countersign the certificates of jurors and witnesses. History: Add. 1989, Act 78, Imd. Eff. June 20, 1989.



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