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 Robert D. Eklund PLC 3080 Alice St.-5601 South Shore Drive Whitehall, MI.      November 18, 2008 To July 16, 2012 @3:22pm        "bobbi buhbi!"


"Fruitland Township Truth"  "VIEW I.E. 8 or btr"

Wife II Cindy Buckridge"Professional cōnflictō" K.C., MO.




Attorney Grievance Commission Complaint 5.29.12


State of Michigan Supreme Court Defines Official(s) Misconduct


Under who's authority did Fruitland Township Prosecuting Attorney/Whitehall Township Attorney AMORAL Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 of the law firm Rose/Eklund  "attorneys at law" 8787 Ferry St. Montague Mi. 49437, knowingly authorize the building permit, for best friend forever (bff) and fellowship comrade Rodger Sweeting p44625 of the law firm Rose/Eklund  "attorneys at law" 8787 Ferry St. Montague, Mi. 49437  concurrently with his representation of client kelly thomas c II the deuce   ( thus sealing the deal  re; culmination of sales transaction, Robert J. Pachman Sr. parcel for $50,000 dollars) November 18, 2003 for the very same Domicile or daily head on pillow and there after every vacation since November 08, 2008 to April 15,2012. P30331 co-habitated with Wife II  or deuce. The MI Eklund Home "NOBODY WANTS" Sale By Owner | - FSBO is NOW Again for sale. Eklund Personal GAIN! $269,000. 

(Notice $500,000+ Lake Front Homes in Background)


231.894.4443 or 231.894.4025

"The People of the State Of Michigan" have specifically enacted statutory legislation delegating "Taxpayer" Compensated Fruitland Township Prosecuting Attorney/Whitehall Township Attorney Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 authority contained herein the depth and scope of Land Division Act State of MICHIGAN . Also Know As "Michigan Compiled Law     MCL 247.321 to MCL 247.329" .


"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes? quoted G.M.


1.75 miles  3 minutes apart


            eklund PLC/wife #I_LUVSHACK I                         eklund PLC/buckridge_wife #II deuce_LUVSHACK II                  


   eklund PLC/wife # I 6958 South Shore Drive              5601 South Shore Drive Primary Residence Exempt(PRE)

3080 Alice St Primary Residence Exempt(PRE)

"Robert D.Eklund PLC favorite color?..."

James Edward Protsman (husband I) Matt Protsman LUZR (son)

Lees Summit, MO. Kansas City, MO. Raytown, MO. Shawnee Mission, KS. Raytown, MO. Overland Park, KS. Whitehall, MI. and Kansas City, Missouri. aka. 'professional transient neighbor'.

Cindy With Husband II (bobby) contact Muskegon County Sheriff Deputy jake ashker stating "they witnessed at-large dog run onto my property then they heard gun shots". So ashker contacts my state probation agent to have me arrested or Harassed. One Year later, Apithany, dog barking instantly halted when Cindy and Husband II (bobby) engage in the deliberate act of "BARKING THEIR DOG". Legal fireworks, FOOLproof. This was daily occurrence for Months, Cindy and Husband II (bobby) did not like, UN-able to Harass shooedr any longer, Game Over. So they deliberately contact Muskegon County Sheriff Deputy Foster, The ONLY area Deputy shooedr has not face to face about: "The Neighbors from HELL". Cindy and Husband II (bobby) state I quote "shooedr is attempting to cause harm to their dog by shooting guns at their dog" end quote, Second (2nd) False Statement Knowingly made to authorities.  So Deputy Foster contacts my state probation agent to have me arrested or Harassed AGAIN. They left out the fact shooedr had "Their At-Large Pawn Dog" in shooedr's garage on Two (2) separate incidents, TWICE NO HARM TO "PAWN DOG". videos.dunn\eklundguarddogMYgarage.MP4 One incident, ascker retrieved At-Large dog off shooedr's property but refused to issue citation to friend and co-worker of fifteen(15) years. Had to contact Vector Control, they issued At-Large citation for Cindy and Husband II (bobby). eklundguarddoghabitually@large - YouTube     Deliberate Harassment.

videos.dunn\Buckridge Response.MP4 Cindy's Response, Years Barking Dog Complaint(s) Moments after Leaving For HomeTown Pharmacy. Not Enough Open Doggy Door @ Right, Cindy Leaves HER Garage Door Open for shooedr. Screw Yuu Neighburr.  I am above Rule of Law. Three Years (3) At-Large, Barking Dog. November 18, 2008. Not One Person Attempted To Stop "Neighbors from Hell" Deliberate Harassment..BARKING 24/7 At-Large



THREE(3) Criminal Misdemeanor(S) Issued To Cindy Buckridge Residence since November 18, 2008.

 Three(3) Year(s) of Numerous Emails to Fruitland Township Officials NOT ONE Official Attempted to Enforce Rule Of Law

A. No person, firm, or corporation shall cause or cause to be made or permit to be continued any unreasonable or improper noise or disturbance, injurious to the health, peace, repose, or quiet of the residents and property owners of the Township of Fruitland.
4. The keeping of any animal, bird or fowl which emanates frequent or extendednoise which shall disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of any persons in the vicinity. "BARKING AT LARGE 24/7 2008-2012"


I   Greg Kruse do request that all documented evidence CD with thirty files and two Word documents be submitted to the  Kent County Prosecutor's Office for "Grand Jury Investigation" request based on the multiple number(s) of Fruitland Township Public Officials so named in my Misconduct Allegation(s). My initial Misconduct allegation(s) arose on Febuary 11, 2009, it was during the time Robert Dunn Eklund PLC p30331 was acting as Fruitland Township, County of Muskegon, attorney while receiving Taxpayer compensation for representing Fruitland Township in civil matters as well as prosecution of Township ordinance violations. I was informed on May 21, 2012 that the Fruitland Township Board HAS recently distanced themselves from prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331. It was at this time or 2003 prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 had me appearing in court for the violation of the exact same ordinance kelly thomas c II the deuce was being allowed to flagrantly violate, for one year, or at the very same moment I was appearing in court with  kelly thomas c II the deuce, as prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 WITNESS, attempting to get me put in prison 90 days. Prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p 30331 had NO interest in justice or Rule of Law just promoting his OWN personal perverted AGENDA. Misconduct(s) Allegation(s) Now Include "Prosecutorial Misconduct". Prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 acted under the "color of office" with this matter where he has been working for decade(s), hand in hand, with Muskegon County Prosecutors Staff Members.  Prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 also is CURRENTLY representing Whitehall Township in civil matters and prosecuting Whitehall Township ordinance violations, working hand in hand, with Muskegon County Prosecutors Current Staff Members. Because of prosecutor robert dunn  eklund PLC p30331 decade(s) of working, hand in hand, with past and present staff members of the Muskegon County Prosecutors Office I am formally requesting that ALL evidence I am submitting or "possession transfered" to the Kent County Prosecutors Office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My rational is simple, being my accusations include One(1) Fruitland Township Elected Official, One(1) Fruitland Township Prosecuting Attorney and Three(3) high ranking Fruitland Township Official(s) indirectly, who is to say where it all ends in this Muskegon County. Michigan Court Rule MCR 9.120(A) "Criminal Conviction Notification" requires Muskegon County Prosecutors Staff Members or specifically "prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 decade(s) old friends and co-workers" are required "when a lawyer is convicted of a crime, the lawyer, the prosecutor or other authority who prosecuted the lawyer, and the defense attorney who represented the lawyer must notify the Grievance Administrator and the Attorney Discipline Board of the conviction.  This notice must be given in writing within 14 days after the conviction. A lawyers conviction of any crime, including misdemeanors must be reported.  A conviction occurs upon the return of a verdict of guilty or upon the acceptance of a plea of guilty or no contest". Prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 plead GUILTY to Five  Misdemeanor #5 (5) Criminal Misdemeanor(s) ALL within the "Muskegon County Justice System" or adjudicated with the full knowledge of the Muskegon County Prosecutors Staff Members. I currently do not possess any evidence of the Muskegon County Prosecutors Staff Members Non-compliance with "notification" of the Attorney Discipline Board for these Five(5) Criminal Conviction(s). I am quite confident that Muskegon County Prosecutors Staff Members did not extend any "special favor(s)" or ignored any "Michigan Court Rule" for their decade(s) old friend and co-worker "prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331". This year is 2012 or a election year the last thing any taxpayer should ever be able to insinuate is that Muskegon County did not IMPARTIALLY or OBJECTIVELY  investigate these Misconduct allegation(s) regarding ingrained prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 or Fruitland Township Sam Earl St.Amour CEO because of "Conflict of Interest". Should prosecution ever move forward to conviction these same ingrained PUBLIC OFFICIALS now will be appearing in front of decade(s) old friends and co-workers. In the Interest of Justice and previously stated concerns regarding Conflict of Interest and involves Multiple Jurisdiction(s) located in Muskegon County. I again am formally requesting that ALL of my evidence be submitted to Mr. William A. Forsyth, Kent County Prosecutor 82 Ionia Avenue NW, Suite 450 Grand Rapids Mi. 49503-2266. I feel quite certain given the current working relationship with prosecutor robert dunn eklund PLC p30331 the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Staff members would most certainly recluse themselves citing "Conflict of Interest" and only "Interest of Justice for ALL".



1. Fruitland Township Misconduct Allegations times  TWO (2)

2. pachman lot20 Hesse's "NO" Binding Easement "OF RECORD"

3. don_sandel_response March 09, 2009

4. Fruitland Township minutes March 05, 1997 and March 17, 1997

5. Fruitland Township.minutes.November 20,1995

6. Fruitland Township.minutes.October 04,1995

7. pachman.lot10 South Shore DR.JPG

8. Muskegon County Road Commission "Recorded 1965 Right-of-Way (ROW) Easement"

9. Robert D. Eklund PLC Criminal Citations

10. Robert D. Eklund PLC_Memo_Feb.18.03

11. ekund\SallyGARVEY Feb 8,03 MEMO Rect.

12. Mr. Boughton.letter.02.19.03

13. Mr.Boughton.letter.06.10.03

14. Rose.eklund.sweeting.homeez LAWFIRM

15. Janell_Beard_Disgraced_Clerk_X

16. Fruitland Plat Map

17. Michigan Driveway Law MCL-Act-200-of-1969.pdf

18. Land Division Act State of Michigan


20. Attorney Discipline Board

21. Attorney Grievance Commission How to File a Request for Investigation

22. Michigan Legislature BoardSubpoenaAuth- Section 41.2

23. Michigan Legislature CEOsupervisor Section 30.402

24. Land Division Ordinance Fruitland Township







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